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With manual download of the Digital Tachograph wasting up to 2 man days per vehicle per year it is time to embrace unattended vehicle downloads. digiDL removes the headache of collecting Vehicle Unit and Driver Card Tachograph data manually. It does this at a low cost and in the most efficient way possible.

With digiDL setup in your vehicle(s) you can schedule unattended downloads to fit in with your requirements.

Real Time Drivers Hours

The digiDL will send Drivers' Hours data in real time allowing you to guide drivers and better plan around rest periods. By default, data is refreshed every 3 minutes whilst the vehicle is in operation.

Key features

  • Remote download of compatible Tachographs
  • Remote download of Driver Card
  • Remote authentication via Company Card
  • Centralised, scheduled downloads
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Send data to a nominated server
  • Remote firmware update capability
  • Download via CAN-Bus
  • Covert solution

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