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Tacho2Safe All in one Tachograph Downloader

Tacho2Safe All in one Tachograph Downloader

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Tacho2Safe is a new generation of manual tachograph download device which combines both tachograph and driver card download functionality. It is a simple to use, ergonomic device, suitable for use either by owner drivers, small fleets or large transport operators. Download data is stored

on the internal 2GB memory of Tacho2Safe. The reduced power consumption allows over 500 full card downloads with only one AA type battery but it can be operated from rechargeable batteries which are charged automatically through USB.

You can benefit from the very powerful download reminder functionality of Tacho2Safe and increased download speed compared to other devices.

TachoSafe Lite is free of charge application for driver’s hours' analysis which comes together with Tacho2Safe. It provides several reports including the AETR 561 infringement report, driver’s detailed activity report, driver’s activity graph. TachoSafe Lite is locked and only unlocked when a Tacho2Safe device is connected to the PC

Tacho2Safe – Benefits:

  • Charging through USB (Ni-MH rechargeable battery only)
  • Very long battery life (more than 500 card downloads)
  • Intuitive menu for easy operation
  • High tachograph and driver card download speed
  • 4GB space for more than 12000 card downloads
  • TachoSafe Lite download data analysis software included
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy configuration of the download period
  • Next card and tachograph download notification

Other advantages:

  • Simple intuitive operation with 4 keys.
  • Easy and quick setup at any time and place.
  • High-speed data collection and tachograph cards.
  • Battery operated – no need to recharge the battery.
  • More than 500 card downloads on 1 battery
  • Automatic data collection and tachograph cards without having to press a key.
  • Compatible with all available digital tachographs.
  • 1 GB memory to the storage of 30,000 card readings
  • Display for configuration and visualization state of the reader.
  • The setting of download options through keys and display
  • Warning on display for next card reading and vehicle download

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